3-BiancaMadreI am Bianca Buchal

I am an elderly Milanese lady and for years have spent my time studying prenatal life.

I confess that I am an idealist. I like to think that once the new thinking regarding women and maternity will be common knowledge to every future mother, humanity will be made up of beings born and growing up in greater health, more balanced in love and psychologically: in short, a better humanity.

And that is why I wish to divulge this treasure of knowledge.

Further more I believe that the future of humanity lies in the hands of women. I see ever clearer signals in this direction. Today women enter every field, but their true role is the one assigned to them by nature: being a mother. Now they must show that they know how to do it well, just as well as they know how to handle themselves in other professions, conscious of the fact that the evolution of future generations depends on them.

The letter from a child in the womb, that I wrote a few years ago, perhaps better than any description, sums up the way I view birth.

In the last few decades I have collaborated actively with various specialised associations on the theme of prenatal life. I have translated from French, German and English books and conference papers.

I have participated in seminars and didactic initiatives. I have held many events in different parts of Italy.

8- BiancaMediaEtaI created the opportunity for speaking to middle and secondary school students about “Conscious Procreation”, with the approval of the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, in 2002, I organised a cycle of six conferences held in Milan, for which I obtained the patronage of Municipality of Milan.

For a few years I was the Italian Delegate to the O.M.A.E.P. – Organisation Mondiale des Associations pour l’Education Prénatale – based in France.

Today I am less happy about travelling, and this website gives me the possibility to divulge the principles of Conscious pregnancy in a manner that is more … static.

I thank Daniela and Claudio for their loving and precious support in carrying forward this my Great Ideal, and I will be grateful to you, dear friend, for reading these pages, and for any comments or suggestions you may send me.