Open letter to all women

Dear friends, Today I want to unveil a secret to you. Do you know who you are? Has nobody ever told you? No? Ok, I’ll tell you. YOU ARE MOTHERS OF HUMANITY. There is a lot of talk about peace. [...]

Yes, my friend, it has now been established that the manner in which the nine months of pregnancy are lived has a profound influence not only on the physical development but also on the psyche of the baby, an influence that will be reflected in the rest of his life.

Knowing full well that the child growing inside you is participating actively not only in every experience you live, but also in everything that happens in the world that surrounds him, I’m sure that you will want to respect these FUNDAMENTAL POINTS.

All the attention you give to your child before his or her birth will have a beneficial effect on his future life

You now have access to the Introductory Course to Pregnancy offered to you free by this website. Read it and you will see that there is nothing complicated, and that it is very useful. Following it will be time well spent. When you have a doubt, email me and I will be glad to reply.

You must have: an open mind, a sense of responsibility and awareness, and above all a lot of love.

I send you my best wishes that you and your partner may serenely experience the adventure of a joyous maternity.