Dear friends,
Today I want to unveil a secret to you. Do you know who you are? Has nobody ever told you? No? Ok, I’ll tell you. YOU ARE MOTHERS OF HUMANITY. There is a lot of talk about peace. Everyone would like peace to reign in the world. We organise Peace days. We all hope to live in a world where peace will reign. But, instead of finding some peace, violence, criminality and many other negative forces are expanding in every direction. The police arrest people, the courts try them, a lot is done to try to stem this negative flow that leaves no space for Peace, not only among nations, but also among individuals. Peace is not just the absence of war. Peace is the result of a life based on things that are just and right, clear and honest, on collaboration, tolerance, on LOVE. Peace is endemic to mankind: it is Love in action.

So, how is it that we women are told that we are the mothers of humanity? It is because we have been given the privilege of bringing our children into the world. If we spend our pregnancy allowing our growing babies to be reached by the flow of Love, talking to them about beautiful things, singing to them, making them grow feeling wanted, loved, assisted on their journey by mummy and daddy, both reaching out to the new being that will bring joy into their family, the new generations will bring peace to the world. It will be sufficient to bring our children into the world surrounded by Love, to conceive them in Love and steep them in Love. And if every child is steeped in Love, as he or she grows up, this Love, that will be part of their very being, will translate into respect for others, tolerance, into all those qualities that today we feel the lack of and that will allow us to live together peacefully.

Peace starts in the mother’s womb.

Gandhi and many other philosophers said this. The secret to improving the future of humanity lies in life before birth.

For nearly half a century, numerous scientist and researchers, thanks to the tools made available to them by biotechnology, have started to explore intrauterine life, and thus it has become possible to get to know the true identity of the baby in the womb. We once believed that the foetus was just a mass of insensitive cells. Today, on the other hand, we know that the baby lives in symbiosis with its mother, participating in her every thought, her every feeling and gesture. Thus, the mother must model her lifestyle in line with the role she is playing: the creation of a new individual that must bring into the world only positive elements. And this depends most of all on the mother, but also on the father and the surrounding environment. THE MOTHER CAN PERFORM MIRACLES, BECAUSE SHE IS THE ONE HOLDING THE KEYS TO THE FORCES OF LIFE. This is how a new humanity can be forged. Does that not sound special? Is this not a wonderful duty to have? We women being the ones that will rid the world of all that is negative?

Naturally, all of this is, from one point of view, for the moment, just a dream. But, if you think about it, if we all turn our minds to it and understand the sense of what I am saying to you, we have to admit that things could change. The Mothers, having brought the children into the world, will have to continue the educational process towards respect, rectitude, of Good in general, and then men will look upon their women with different eyes and they will see people that merit their trust, collaboration and support.
And if what I am telling you convinces you, then pass it on to your daughters, sisters, friends, but also to the men in the family, because everyone must be in the know.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if all children were born steeped in Love? Would it not be wonderful? It all depends on us women, obviously assisted by our men, but it us women who have to carry forward this new way of bringing children into the world. In the words of the famous French gynaecologist, “WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CHANGE SOCIETY IF WE DON’T CHANGE THE WAY CHILDREN ARE BORN”.

I hug you and have faith in you all, yours, Bianca