A child speaking from the womb:

I am pleased that you have given me an opportunity for communicating with the world, because I have a lot to say, also in the name of all children, those who are about to be born, but also those that will be conceived in the future.

First of all, I would like to thank my Mother who, with great gentleness, supplies me not only with the nourishment necessary for the development of my body, but also with demonstrations of tenderness that manifest themselves in various forms. I can feel all these things, I feel that she already loves me and that she is looking forward to the day in which she will be able to cradle me in her arms.
I too can’t wait for that moment, to see her face, smell her perfume, feel her warmth! But we must wait patiently. In the meantime, I like hearing her voice, especially when she is talking to me. And even if she does it only in her thoughts, I can perceive it, because during all these nine months we are a single person, even if at the same time we are two distinct people, each with his or her own destiny and life programme.

And, just as I can hear her thoughts, I also perceive her feelings and am happy when I can sense that she is tranquil and serene. If she is tranquil, then I can be too; and, when I am tranquil, I can better spend my time in building those cells that are necessary for the construction of my tiny body. It is a big job, but my mother helps me by providing all the necessary substances, the purest and the most important. I am very grateful to her, also because everything she sends me is steeped in love. Her thoughts and feelings, everything is steeped in love, and this is how I receive the necessary elements also for forming my psyche. And this collaboration is wonderful. Thank you, Mummy!

How I love it when she sings for me! I can feel that hearing good music is good for me and helps me to grow. Mummy knows lots of good songs. There are some very gentle lullabies, and I’m sure that she will sing them to me later as well, when I’m in my cot. Hearing songs that I already know will certainly help me calm down in moments of agitation, because I will understand that birth was only a moment of passage from then to now.

Maybe that is why my ears can already hear, to be able to memorise everything already, and to be able to recognise things and appreciate them better later.
In fact, I know all the sounds of my external house: the phone, vacuum cleaner, but the one I like most is the voice of my Mummy, not only when she speaks to me, but also when she sings.

Five months have passed and I am already capable of taking part in everything that is going on around me. I don’t recognise only my Mummy’s voice, but also my Daddy’s deeper voice. How lovely it is when he strokes me! Actually, he strokes Mummy’s tummy, but I can tell it’s him. It’s a special touch that makes me happy every time. And, when we play “kicking” I really have fun! Mum and Dad have fun too, because they can feel my presence, and I am even happier than they are because I feel loved and wanted. In fact, for us babies, love is a fundamental nourishment.

I feel sorry for all those children who in the past were not able to live these joyous moments.
Once upon a time everyone thought that, before birth, we babies were insensitive little beings, incapable of feeling anything, not even physical pain. They used to say that only at birth would we become a person; before that we were simply a mass of cells.
Only our Mummy carried us in her heart, and sometimes not even she did, but I don’t want to talk about that. It hurts too much.

Today, everything is different, and we owe this to the many scientists and researchers that for years have been peering into our world, inside our Mummy’s tummy. They can do this now because they have the necessary instruments, but we don’t like them because they are terribly noisy. It is, however, true that Mum and Dad can look at us in a little window, and this is a very emotional experience for them, they find themselves looking at a reality that previously was only part of a dream.So they can watch us sucking our thumbs or whilst we are having a wee, they see us move and, very often, they can tell if we are a boy or a girl.
Usually it is the Dad who wants to know, while the mother says she is not bothered, she just wants the baby to be healthy and perfect.

In the meantime, the doctors observe us, monitor us, measure us and decide whether everything is proceeding according to plan. However, all this is not very pleasant; I have heard that we will be a generation of helicopter lovers, because the instrument that observes us makes the same kind of throbbing noise.

Sometimes they enter that sack that encloses us with a long needle to collect some liquid, and this is scary. I know that some babies have been able to push the needle away with their hand because it scares them. These are all strange things, but they say that they are important.

However, we have to be grateful to all the researchers, because it is due to them that we have been give the attention we deserve, so that we too get taken into consideration and are cared for as is right, because us foetuses have needs too, not just the new born babies. Generally, people always talk about them, whereas we too are part of a society that is in a phase of renewal.

One thing I really like is when Mummy and Daddy go for a walk in Nature. In those moments I feel that I am receiving the benefit of something that we shall call ‘oxygen’. They say that it is very important for the development of our brain. They say that when the brain is well developed this is beneficial also for all the other organs. In fact, I can sense that this is really true. I hope that Mummy and Daddy will often go for trips into the country, not just for me, but also because also for them it is a beautiful moment of togetherness.
They spend the majority of their time at work, so these walks are moments that bring them together and, involving me – because their conversations are always about their future with their child, that’s me – and help to consolidate the Mother/Father/Child bonding that will continue to hold us together even later on. And this union gives me a sense of tranquillity and strength, because I know that in them I will always have strong and sincere friends.

Now, I am happy to have been able to say all these things. There is a lot more to say, but I’ll do it later. Ah! Wait! There are two more things I need to tell you: one is that when the moment of my birth arrives, I would like my Daddy to be with us, to help us and be close to us, and I am sure that Mummy would like him there too. The second thing is that, after being born, I’ll need to stay with my Mummy. The passage from foetus to baby is a very delicate one, and close to my Mummy I’ll feel safe and protected. Just born, it is important that I stay close to my Mummy, so that I can see her expression and receive her kisses and caresses. We need to stay close so that we can turn into reality all the things we have dreamt about in the preceding months. What a great joy it will be to be held in her arms!

Daddy’s presence will also be very important. I would like it to be him who cuts the umbilical cord to separate me from Mummy and thus creates our family.
It would be good if it were Daddy to give me my first bath. We babies are very sensitive to this kind of loving attention, it helps us get our existence in this world off to a joyous start.

Everyone will be asking: but how can he understand, distinguish words, hear what people are saying to him?
In fact, it is not the words that reach us, but that flow of deep felt sentiments that overcomes all barriers, that does not require phrases or concepts, but that goes straight to our little hearts, which are always sensitive and receptive of all sincere and loving sentiments.

This is how I face my new life in the world full of confidence, and I can feel that I am a being that will live in a positive manner, with all that follows, thanks first of all to my Mummy, but also to my Daddy and to all those people who are waiting for me with so much love.

What I would like to say is that in the Charter of Children’s Rights it would be correct to take into consideration the rights of children yet to be born. In fact, we would like to claim our right to be born into a family that had conceived us because they really wanted us, that already love us even if they have not yet met us personally, and that can give us everything we need to lead a healthy life, full of interests, and for our physical and psychological growth, for our family and the whole of society. We could eliminate so many problems and displeasures that preoccupy everyone.

We are not asking for a lot; we just need to be loved, because for us love is food.

And if we receive love today, when we grow up we will pay it back a hundred fold, for the good of everyone.

With much gratitude,
An antenatal baby

The words of the antenatal baby reflect the concepts expressed by many scientists and researchers around the world, who are exploring the intrauterine world and everything that concerns the physical and psychological growth of the unborn child. The ignorance of the past is no longer tolerated, especially in the light of the fact that, as a determining period, antenatal life has an effect on the rest of existence.