Dear Friends,
Today I would like to talk about an aspect of childbirth that no one ever talks about.

I, on the other hand, would be very pleased if, maybe not all women, but at least some, began thinking about the great value of the role they have been given in bringing a new being into the world, giving life to a new inhabitant of our planet. The role that nature has given women is so immense that not taking it fully into consideration would seem offensive to the magnificent force that governs this extraordinary event.

Let’s start from the beginning. Just as the light comes on when we flick the switch, so life springs forth when the sperm meets the ovum. Each one without the other can do nothing. Together they produce light, life. From that moment onwards the woman offers her body as a container. Thus, thanks to all the elements and conditions she makes available, all products of nature just as she is a product of nature herself, the ancient matrix that has, since the beginning of time and with infallible intelligence produced millions and millions of creatures, can start its creative work. This work, within a fixed term, will generate the birth of a new being.

Women, in this role, become partners with the Creator, that indescribable power that is the very one that has created all that we behold. One only has to look up at the night sky to be amazed by the sight of the celestial bodies set out in a pre-established order. In a cosmic order that regulates everything, always respecting perfect harmony. This is how the creation of the tiny body of the baby comes about, where every cell knows what function it belongs to, exactly, in a cosmic order.
Everything responds exactly to the Law of Evolution, as we can see that over time, very slowly, everything evolves, everything is perfected.

Naturally, a human being is not just a physical organism, but has intellect, a soul and a spirit that allow it to show intelligence and sensibility at various levels. Therefore, a woman, in the way she performs this role, both physically and spiritually, must respect this situation of harmony, allowing the being that is taking shape inside her to take advantage of this fundamental state of wellbeing, so as to obtain the best result possible, both physically and psychologically.

At the base of this Harmony, naturally, lies Love. Everything is Love.

Women should become conscious of their role and feel that they are the Mothers of humanity, because only they have been given the ability to bring new life into the world. And, depending on the physical and psychological effort they dedicates to this function, tomorrow’s Humanity will develop. They have a great responsibility to society, a responsibility that must obviously be shared by men who, though in a different role, play an integral and important part.